Friday, April 10, 2015

2014...ready go.

Hmmm...these did not come in the right order. Oh well. Here's what happened in 2014

 We went camping.
 Marta turned 3.
 I made the girls some matching nightgowns.
 Emmaline competed in a Lego Robotics competition.

 Emmaine turned 9 and had a frozen cake.
 (Marta's 3rd birthday.)
 Emmaline's 9th birthday.
 Royce built the girls a play house.
 Royce and I went to Iceland, Oxford, and London.
 "Ice" from Emmaine's Frozen cake.

 We hiked Elk Creek Falls.
 More Lego Robotics.
 We went to Sandpoint, Idaho.
 (Elk Creek Falls)
 Josephine turned 1!
I gave Marta her first haircut.
 The girls competed in the County Fair, and took home some serious ribbons! This was Emmaline's sculpture that she made out of clay.
 Dr. Kimmons, or can I say, the doctor, outside a blue call box in London. (Bwahahah...I'm so cheezy.) Royce's souvenir was a poster that said, "Keep Calm, I'm the Doctor." He put it up in a frame on his wall at work. :)
 I took Emmaline and Marta on a mother/daugher campout.
 We hiked around the Palouse River Falls.

 Mother/daughter campout.
 Then we went camping with all of us.

 Sandpoint, Idaho.

 Camping with Royce.
 Mother/Daugher campout.
 Frozen cake.
 Camping with Royce!

 More awards from Emmaline's candy that she made for the fair.
 We saw Phantom of the Opera in London!
 Marta at the Lego competition.
 We went to Oxford so Royce could present a paper at a conference. This was right after his presentation.
 Then we went to London for a couple of days, just for fun.
 Marta's exhibit at the fair.
 Lego competition.
 Lego Robotics.

 On the way to Phantom.
 Me getting ready to explore Oxford on my own while Royce was at his conference.
 We saw Phantom at Her Majesty's Theater. No big deal.

Our London trip also counted as our ten year anniversary celebration. It was pretty fantastic, and 2014 was a great year!